Spring: Adventure Gear for your Dog

There are a lot of outdoor gear choices to help keep your K9 protected. One of my favorite brands is Ruff Wear. They make tough booties, backpacks, and more for your four-legged friend. Or you can check on line at backcountryk9.com for some good deals and great gear. Just remember that being sure the gear fits right is half the battle. Actually getting it on your K9 is the other half.

When fitting booties on your K9 you want them to fit snugly. There are a lot of different brands and sizes, which all fit differently. Make sure when your dog is standing with the bootie on, that the whole paw fills the bootie but not too tightly. If fitted incorrectly the bootie will most likely either fall off, flip over from being too loose or it will be too tight, uncomfortable and hard to get on. Booties are great for dogs who run a lot and protect their pads from being torn on rough terrain, or in winter to prevent snow balls between the pads. A good idea for first time doing this is to have a toy to distract them from the fact they are wearing shoes for the first time. You might have to do this for the first few days but after a short time your K9 will most likely start to love them and they will be easier to put on and keep on. If you have a camera handy when you first put on the booties it can be pretty funny watching them walk and run around the first time and we would love to put your pictures/video on our Facebook page!

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