Pet Sitting Sleepovers and Multidays

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Our dog sitting services will spoil your K9 with nearly 24/7 care. Unlike a traditional dog kennel, all dogs are given tons of attention and love within the comfort of home. We offer a non-traditional and personal pet sitting approach compared to a traditional dog boarding facility.

Fill out our pet profile to make your pet sleepover and/or multi-day reservation today.

High Adventure Pet Sit – $90/night: Includes tons of exercise on trail and/or backyard play. For high energy dogs and puppies.

Low Impact Pet Sit – $70/night: Includes short walks as needed or up to 1 hour of exercise daily, plus tons of time in the yard or inside snuggling.

Pet and House Sit – $250 for one to two pets. $15 per pet charge for more than two pets.

*Must provide enough food (and any medication) plus a couple extra servings for the entire pet sitting event.

**We are not a kennel or a boarding facility.