Spring: Is your K9 ready on the outside?

The winter gets busy. All summer you and your dog have been hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and rafting. Looking and feeling great! Then winter hits and we humans buckle down to work and play hard and our K9 companions may not be able to join in. Making time for your K9s to get exercise as they do in the summer maybe stressful. Just remember that although you might still be looking and feeling great from skiing on the mountain all season, come spring your dog will need some time to catch up. Be careful with taking your dogs on the first huge hike of the season, especially if they have not been out on the trails all winter. A couple of shorter warm-up hikes can give you a good idea of what your dog is ready for. Taking your dogs out too hard and too fast before they are ready will increase their chances of injury. Sore pads and sore muscles can lead to a dangerous situation for your dog in the back country. If your dog get too sore and tired to hike down that 14er or they tear the pads on their paws, they are stranded unless you are prepared to carry them or call for a very expensive Search and Rescue ride. Next we’ll talk gear to help make that transition a little easier!

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