December K9 Gift Ideas!

As more snow and colder weather approaches this month, here are some great holiday gift ideas for your furry family members!

Dog First Aid Kit
A basic first aid kit is always a good idea to bring along on hikes for both you and your dog because you never know what may come across your path! You can purchase canine first aid kits online on websites such as Cabella’s or Petco, etc., or you can also put together your own! Materials that should be included in your first aid kit are gloves, gauze pads, cotton balls, adhesive tape, Vetwrap, scissors, a wound boot, tweezers or needle-nose pliers (come in handy for porcupine encounters), Benadryl, rubbing alcohol, or something to disinfect a wound, and a canine first aid guide.

Dog Booties
Another great gift idea for the holidays is dog booties! Dog booties help protect your dog from rough snow and ice that may cut up their foot pads on an outdoor excursion. They also help to keep sensitive dog’s feet warm and unexposed to the elements, further encouraging your dog to be confident outside and explore. There are a variety of booties from inexpensive to high-end products. Pawz makes reusable booties that are made out of a balloon-like material which are inexpensive and great for short walks or potty breaks! On the other hand, you can go all out with Ruffwear dog booties which offer basically shoes for dogs for running or polar trekking. If your dog is having issues with ice build-up on their feet, Musher’s Secret is a great product for keeping ice balls from building up. Musher’s secret is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. It is safe and all-natural so your pet will so no harm will come to your dog if they lick their paws. Both of these items can be purchased at A&A Pet Supply & Feed in Frisco.

Coats and Sweaters
Summit County is a cold place to live in the winter and sometimes our furry friends need a little extra layering to help! Dog coats and sweaters are a great gift idea for your dog this winter if they do not have a thick coat. There are coats for warmth such as fleece, and there are waterproof windproof coats to help protect your dog from the elements. There are even dog coats with down material for the coldest of weather and to help keep your dog warm when camping outside. Dog coats will help to keep your dog out with you longer and keep them enjoying winter activities with you, without having to shiver to the bone!

Safe Paw Ice Melter
Another great holiday gift idea for both yourself and your pup is Safe Paw Ice Melter. Safe Paw is 100% salt and chloride free. Another great thing about Safe Paw is that you can use about half the amount that you normally use of salt. It is environmentally safe, nontoxic for animals and humans, gentle on dog’s paws, and safe around children and pets. It also will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands like normal salt. Normal salt used to melt ice can be toxic to your pet if eaten and aids in the pollution of our waters and wetlands. Safe Paw is a great solution for all, and it really works!

Dog Dental Care
Modern day dogs are all descendents of the wolf. In the wild, wolves naturally maintain teeth free of tartar and decay because of the raw bones they chew daily in their prey. Since modern day dogs are not living in the wild, killing and attacking their own prey, it is important that we help them maintain good and strong teeth. Vets often recommend brushing your dogs teeth a couple of times a week, but providing your dog with adequate bones and other chew toys works just as well, if not better than a toothbrush. There are also dental chews now available to help clean your dog’s teeth while giving them something fun to chew on. Greenies & Zuke’s (local Colorado Company) both offer dental chews to help give your dogs a daily “brushing”. There is also some plaque & tartar supplements that you can give with your dog’s food that work amazingly at keeping their mouth clean as well.
Supplements and dental chews tend to be more on the expensive side, so if you’re trying to save money, bones are fairly cheap remedies that last a while. If you are worried about your dog having hard bones because of the possibility of a tooth chipping, especially in senior dogs, bully sticks are another great chew option to help keep their teeth clean. Bully sticks are very fibrous and act as a sort of floss for your dogs teeth. There are many great, safe options to choose from to help keep your pets mouth clean without having to brush!

Toys to keep your dog busy!
When we have to leave our dogs at home for extended periods of time it’s always nice to provide them with something to keep them busy and to make their experience of you leaving much more enjoyable. Keeping your dog busy while you’re away can help with separation anxiety and boredom, which often can result in destructive behavior. One great option that is easy on your wallet is a Kong. Kongs are great because you can stuff them with an array of items that keep it interesting! One great item to fill a Kong with is peanut butter. You can stuff the peanut butter in the far back of the Kong to make it more challenging for your dog to extract. Another good and healthy option is yogurt. The good bacteria in yogurt are good for dogs just as it is good for us. Try to buy yogurt for your dog with less sugars as it is healthier for them. It is best to freeze the yogurt after stuffing it in the Kong as it takes your dog longer to lick it out and makes less of a mess. You can also put treats in the Kong and add some water and freeze it as well for a challenge! The possibilities are endless! There are also puzzle toys available to keep your dogs busy that have hidden treats. A busy dog is a happy dog and all of our dogs deserve to have something to occupy them when we’re gone.

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