About the K9 Adventure Fitness team

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At K9 Adventure Fitness our focus is dog exercise along with pet sitting, pet waste removal, and custom services. We also offer package deals and multi-dog discounts. We will also work with you and your dog to fulfill any custom needs. All of K9 Adventure Fitness personnel must pass a background check, you and your dog’s safety is our number one priority!
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When your pet stays with K9 Adventure Fitness they are getting top notch care and attention. Just like leaving your pet with your best-friend or family member, we will care for your K9 as if they are part of our own family while here. Safe, high quality, affordable, K9 exercise and care.





Liz Bruner

Being an outdoor professional for over 15 years, Liz cannot get enough of being outside! Her main passions are Pilates, hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, riverboarding, camping, traveling, and spending time with family and friends over dinners or on river trips.  But most of all she is passionate about dogs and providing excellent canine care, that’s why she is the founder, owner, and operator of K9 Adventure Fitness! Liz looks forward to combining her passions with caring for your pet, so call today to get your dog on the trail with Liz!

  • EMAIL: liz@k9adventurefitness.com
  • PHONE: 970-389-6166







Jim Crane

Jim’s professional and personal life have always included caring for dogs. Early in life he worked at a large coon dog hunting kennel caring for over 200 dogs on weekends and after school.  Currently he works at one of the largest pure bred Siberian Husky kennels in the country caring for over 130 working husky and managing a large Colorado rafting company. Next to Liz, his dogs accompany him on all his adventures. His passions include rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, riverboarding, skiing, traveling, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. He looks forward to including your dog in his outdoor adventures so call today to get your dog on the trail with Jim!

  • EMAIL: jim@k9adventurefitness.com
  • PHONE: 970-389-6166






Lucy Finch

Lucy’s first word as a child was “horse” but it should have been “dog” because she’s been in love with dogs her whole life. It all started with a tea-cup sized Poodle and over time has included all sizes and shapes of dogs-including two third-world mutts who went with her everywhere during her Peace Corps tour in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Currently she and her husband adopted a rescue mutt whom they adore. Her passions include hiking, camping, skiing, swimming, rowing, dancing, sailing, traveling, art, marketing, and spending time with family and friends. She can’t wait to meet your dog, so call today to get your dog on the trail with Lucy!

  • PHONE: 970-389-6166